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9.30AM – How to Make Your own Wax Wraps – Learn how to make your own wax wraps, with either beeswax or soy wax. Take home three wax wraps!
10.45AM- How to Make Soap from Native Plants – Learn to unlock natural saponins and make soaps from plants that grow in the UK.
1.15PM- How to Repair Clothes – Learn how to patch, darn and repair torn, worn and damaged clothing, so that you can make your wardrobe last longer!


9.30AM- How to Make your own Toilet Bombs – Learn how to make your own toilet bombs. Take home your own toilet bombs and silicon mould so you can make more at home!
10.45AM- How to Open your own Zero Waste Shop – Led by the experienced team at Unpackaged, learn the ins and outs of opening your own Zero-Waste shop. A must for any budding entrepreneurs!
1.15PM- How to Make Your Own Plant Mylks – Learn how to make your own plant mylks at home. Try a few different recipes, discover new flavours and what equipment works best.
3.45PM- Brainstorm! – Work with other brilliant Zero-Waste minds to come up with solutions to the biggest issues we face as Zero-Wasters.
5.00PM- General Meeting! What Next? – To finish Zero-Con, you’re invited to come and take part in a guided group discussion to decide what the next big move in the Zero-Waste movement should be. This is a real chance to share you voice, ideas and inspiration.

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Make Your Own Wax Wraps, How To Make Soaps from Native Plants, How to Repair your own Clothes, How to Make Your Own Toilet Bombs, How To Grow Your Own Food In Pots, How to Make Your Own Plant Mylks, Brainstorm! What can we do about the Waste issue?, General Meeting! What next?, How to Open your Own Zero Waste Shop


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