Reusable Face Wipes

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Perfect for people who are money conscious and eco-friendly. They last for much longer than disposables and create much less waste and pollution… it’s a no brainer! They are also healthier for sensitive skin, as after the first wash there is no bleach-residue, pesticide residue or other chemicals used in the production process which you still find on disposable cotton buds. Wash them in your normal wash before first use and guarantee a more comfortable experience for people with sensitive skin.


Use these 100% cotton rounds in place of the ones you’d usually use and throw away. You can use them for make-up, toner, nail polish and more! Just chuck them in the washing machine with your regular wash and they’re good as new!

Each pack contains 8 pads.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 14 cm

5 reviews for Reusable Face Wipes

  1. Joanna

    I’ve found these reusable wipes don’t always get all my eyeliner off with just water, however they are a great product for the majority of my makeup and I now use them before applying make up whereas previously I was using disposable face wipes. Although these have not replaced my use of disposable face wipes entirely, I am using around 60% fewer wipes than I was previously. Easy to use, easy to wash and the little stack of them by the bathroom sink has started coversations with guests to the house about waste reduction!

    • justlittlechanges

      We recommend using them with Witchhazel, it’s a great make-up remover! As they are just cotton, they won’t remove make-up on their own with just water, you do need to use something else. It’s great that they’ve helped you reduce waste and spark converations with guests!

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    These are really soft and wash well. I love them!

  3. Rebecca Henderson

    These are the best reusable face pads i’ve tried. They wash well, they do mark over time but that’s to be expected (especially when using waterproof mascara) but it’s the quilted nature of them that is the best thing, this keeps them soft and really comfy to use, even after being washed several times. I use them with Caudalie grape water, works well for sensitive skin and is a lovely natural product. Now buying some more pads as Christmas gifts! Very impressed 🙂

  4. Hanna Hewins (verified owner)

    Hi there, I have used these wiped for over a year now and love them! Are there any tips for getting them back to white, mine are now very grey from using for black makeup remover…

  5. JJ

    I’ve used these for almost a year and they are fab. I have two packs that last me enough for the week (sometimes more). They wash well, minimal shrinkage and are soft on the face. They do stain but it’s expected if taking make up off with them. I use Micellar water for everyday and then a Madder Root cleanser for make up. Thank you for eliminating the need for wipes.

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