Plastic Free Bubble Bath

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Plastic Free Bubble Bath

A simple, luxurious bath foam. Free from fragrances and colours, it’s suitable for all skin types. It’s also perfect for mixing with essential oils, so you can customise it to your own blissful bath experience!

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Glass Bottle, 250ml

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5 reviews for Plastic Free Bubble Bath

  1. Francis Bell

    I have just been given some of this bubble bath. While by the looks of it on this website it has a metal lid, the lid I have appears to be made from plastic! This is almost comical to be honest and rather upsetting as my wife bought it as a gift and now feels very bad for something she hasn’t done and tried her best to do a good thing. I would like to post a photo on here but don’t have the ability too. Don’t advertise as plastic free on the bottle when it has so obviously got plastic on it! What the heck is going on?

    • justlittlechanges

      Hi Francis. We originally has metal lids, but did a poll asking our customers if they’d rather have option A: Imported, non-recycled glass bottles with metal lids, or Option B: UK produced glass bottles made from recycled glass with recycled plastic lids. The response was overwhelmingly in support of the latter, as it’s much lower carbon and uses recycled resources. We are of course searching for a recycled option that offers metal lids, and will hopefully will be successful so we can switch to that once this batch of glass bottles runs out. Your wife shouldn’t feel bad, these are much lower carbon than the alternative, and still much lower plastic (and recycled plastic) than the alternative.

  2. Francis Bell

    Thank you for the quick response. I can understand your decision with regards to weighing up the carbon footprints of the different options that you mentioned. I am sorry but I would still have to give this product only 1 star, I would like to give it better but the fact that the bottle is advertised as ‘PLASTIC FREE BUBBLE BATH’ but then it clearly has a plastic lid is still in contradiction of what it is meant to be. It’s unique selling point is No Plastic. It simply is not plastic free if it has a plastic lid. I want this product to succeed and wish you all the best in finding a alternative long term option to the lids. If it becomes plastic free the it will of course get a better rating.

    • justlittlechanges

      It’s a real shame you’ve put a 1 star review, as we’ve explained why and it’s still a much eco-friendlier option than normal bubble bath. Using a reycled resource is much more eco-friendly than using fresh resources, which was the other option. Would you rather the plastic used to make the lid hadn’t been recycled into something useful? I hope it doesn’t put anyone off buying the bubble bath. Your 1 star view does rather go against your statement that you want the product to succeed, as it’s very likely to actively put people off.

  3. Sarah Edgar

    Fantastic bubble bath and includes a UK manufactured bottle to boot!
    Well done, very impressed with this product. Ignore the previous review, which is totally unjustified and does not reflect the fabulousness of this product

  4. Kaja Ekiert

    The best bubble bath EVER!!!! You only need a little to make a bath (or whole bathroom 😀 ) full of bubbles. Kids absolutely love it! And I love the fact it comes in a glass bottle.

  5. Jan Lawrence

    Fantastic bubble bath – very bubbly and great that it’s in a lovely glass bottle.

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