Pands Pads – Large Size (10″)

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These Large pads clip into any pair Pands Pants to give discreet protection for your period and mild incontinence.

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Pands are a period system by Just Little Changes. They provide a solution to your period that is as discreet as period pants but with the flexibility and freedom of using cloth pads. All Pands Pads fit into all Pands Pants in a discreet and comfortable way. They cannot be seen from the outside, and you can change your pad and absorbency in seconds.

Totally wingless and secured to your Pands Pants with two snaps, this system is ideal for active people, youngsters and people with hypersensitivity, but is also suitable for anyone else.

Purchase your Pands Pants and your Pands Pads separately, so you only buy exactly what you need. Everyone’s period is different, so we haven’t put any bundles together. Simply choose exactly what you want.

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1 review for Pands Pads – Large Size (10″)

  1. Karen Townsend (verified owner)

    Really comfy, effective and easy to use.

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