Local To You

Just Little Changes Local To You

Just Little Changes has an ambassador programme for people who want to spread the message. Ambassadors are leaders who talk to the local community, shops and associations to help them to reduce their waste and operate in more eco-friendly ways.

For example, an Ambassador might:

  • Communicate with local shops to help them switch from plastic bags to paper/cotton.
  • Help children’s play groups switch to eco-friendly craft supplies.
  • Host craft workshops to make reusable canvas bags.
  • Write to local businesses to highlight environmental issues that affect them.
  • Start a local “Just Little Changes Club” with regular meetings for like-minded individuals to share ideas in.

Our Ambassadors are fully supported with literature, ideas and communication from the Just Little Changes team, and are a key part of spreading our message.

If you would like to become an Ambassador, or are interested in setting up a local Just Little Changes Club, email kat@justlittlechanges.com with a bit about yourself and what you’d like to do.