Author: justlittlechanges

How to Organise a Clothes Swap

Thought of organising a clothes swap, but not sure where to start? Clothes swaps are a great new way to get a new wardrobe without spending money, or contributing to fast fashion. They give our unloved clothes a fresh life and are a chance to keep up with sizes as kids grow. Our step by […]

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The Hierarchy of Giving

We’ve been amazed by the attention our Hierarchy of Giving has received. With over 60,000 Shares on Facebook, many of Instagram and it being translated into seven other languages, we’ve been blown away by the response it received. It has been seen by millions of people world-wide, and we hope it’s inspired people to have […]

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Our plastic-free conditioner solution…

This January we launched our Solid Conditioner Flakes – a plastic free solution to hair conditioner. But what are they? These flakes are all the components on a plain hair conditioner conditioner, except for water. Just 30g of flakes will make up to a litre of conditioner. This super lightweight solution means they’re much less […]

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