The Hierarchy of Giving

We’ve been amazed by the attention our Hierarchy of Giving has received. With over 60,000 Shares on Facebook, many of Instagram and it being translated into seven other languages, we’ve been blown away by the response it received. It has been seen by millions of people world-wide, and we hope it’s inspired people to have a more waste-conscious Christmas. Please keep sharing the image to spread our message further!

3 comments on “The Hierarchy of Giving”

  1. By Maryam Kardan Reply

    I come across your products though a search for reusable food wrap for my cakes.
    Absolutely love what you guys are doing and this Ethical Hierarchy! It’s just brilliant! Thank you and keep up with the great work! xo

  2. By Patricia Elkin Reply

    Can this Ethical Hierarchy be reprinted in an organization’s newsletter for the holidays?

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