Introducing Swapsies!

Just Little Changes Swapsies Period Pants and Pads

Just Little Changes Swapsies Period Pants and Pads

Just Little Changes Swapsies Period Pants and Pads

Just Little Changes is part of lots of reusables and period product groups on Facebook, and get to see lots of opinions about reusable period products and peoples problems with them. Time and time again I’ve noticed that there’s some people who want to use cloth pads, but they can’t because of the uncomfortable poppers, or the fact that the wings show. Some school girls are afraid to use them in case other kids notice when they’re getting changed for PE, and then there’s younger girls who do dance or gymnastics and can’t risk having wings on show then. In gymnastic comps, for example, you’ll lose points if underwear is seen. Unfortunately, this leaves girls with the choice to either use internal products, or quit their hobby. Periods are a contributing factor as to why lots of girls quit sports and hobbies when they hit puberty. They can lose a lot of confidence, which is such a shame.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and decided to make prototype of an idea I’ve been having for a while: period pants with removeable pads. Period pants are great, except that they’re not very convenient to change them and so mostly suitable for at night or as a back up for internal products.

Over time, I have developed the Swapsies period system. Swapsies, are pants with a piece of soft velcro on inside of the crotch. This velcro can be used to attach specially designed cloth santitary pads, which have the hook side of velcro on the backing. Swapsies are available in two fabrics: cotton jersey for everyday use and nylon lycra for sports use. The cotton jersey is breathable, simple and comfortable. It is plain black and unnoteworthy, so won’t attract the attention of any bullies in the changing room. The nylon lycra is also black, and is a comfortable, wicking fabric for sports. The legline is high enough to be hidden underneath leotards and shorts. It is smooth and body hugging. The waist and leg holes are trimmed with strong but smooth fold over elastic.

The pads themselves have a cotton jersey topper, a cotton terry and zorb core, hidden PUL and a cotton drill backing. They’re black and non-descript, with a staggered core to help blend in the padline.

Currently, pads are available in regular flow, but I’ll be adding some more of different shapes, sizes and flows soon.

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Written by Kat Black.

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  1. By Vicky Reply

    I’m happy with reusable pads but I can see the problems for younger girls, I think these are a superb hybrid, look really well thought out and the type of thing I would encourage my girls to use when the time comes! (I’ll never go back to shop brought sanitary products & will encourage my children never to use them ) well done!

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