10 Very Sensible Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Cup!

  1. It’s safer: There have been zero reported cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome with the cup! That’s right, not one! You can leave it in for up to 12 hours. That saves so much time and worry. Just pop it up in the morning, and get on with your day.
  2. It’s a one-time investment. Never buy boxes of disposables again. Just one cup will last for years and years.
  3. It’s sanitary… in fact, far more sanitary than disposables. Pads and tampons aren’t sterile (even if they look it), but you can sterilise the cup yourself.
  4. It’s discreet. No risk of tampon strings hanging out of your swimming costume.
  5. It’s comfortable and reliable. Play sports, do yoga, go swimming, turn cartwheels, take a bath, have a full day of meetings. You won’t even feel it, and it won’t slip out of place.
  6. It’s eco-friendly. Just think of all applicators, wrappers and rayon you’re binning every month. There’s no waste with the cup.
  7. It’s dermatologically friendly. No irritating chemicals next to your sensitive skin. Disposables are normally made from bleached and treated rayon, which can aggravate sensitive skin and cause infection.
  8. There’s one to suit everyone. Available in different sizes and shapes, to suit your lifestyle. You can even get discreet collapsible ones to keep in your handbag.
  9. You’ll stop worrying about your periods. The cup means that your period becomes much less hassle. The cup can even be worn on days when you think you might come on… it won’t do you any harm and you won’t have to worry about where the nearest toilet is all day.
  10. You’ll have a higher chance of survival in the event of zombie apocalypse, mutant-virus-Armageddon or similar end-of-the-world disaster. Okay so this one isn’t 100% proven to be true, but it’s one less thing for you to be worrying about.

3 comments on “10 Very Sensible Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Cup!”

  1. By Sarah Smith Reply

    Is it worn at night? If not what is the alternative? And how much do you feel it when you are wearing it? Thanks

    • By justlittlechanges Reply

      Hi Sarah, yes it’s worn at night, you can keep it in for up to 12 hours! You can’t feel it once it’s inside you.

  2. By maha168 Reply

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    You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
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