We're making the world better... want to join in?

It's amazing how easy little changes can be... and yet how big their effects can end up. Habits make us what we are, and we can make everything that much better if we make just little changes. We're here to help you do just that.

Plastic Free

We're making it easy for you to cut plastic out of your life.

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People Power

We believe that community is the key to making a difference.

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Working for the Future

Sustainability is the key to a positive future. Every change matters.

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Our plastic-free conditioner solution…

This January we launched our Solid Conditioner Flakes – a plastic free solution to hair conditioner. But what are they? These flakes are all the components on a plain hair conditioner conditioner, except for water. Just 30g of flakes will make up to a litre of conditioner. This super lightweight solution means they’re much less […]

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